A photograph of the Graduation Ceremony at De Montfort Hall in the summer of 1963.

The Archives and Special Collections Internship

By Rebecca Couchman-Crook, Archives Assistant I applied for the Graduate Gateways scheme that the University’s Career Service runs for students who graduated that year, after I had just graduated from Geology. One of the many internships listed was the one offered by the Archives and Special Collections within the Library, which seemed a great fit for me, having […]

The 5th Northern General Hospital during WW1 (University of Leicester Archives)

Supporting teaching in Special Collections

Supporting academic colleagues with teaching is an important part of our work in Special Collections. Semester 1 has been a busy time for us, with visits from students on eight different courses at the University of Leicester and one from our friends at De Montfort. In an age where so much primary source material is […]

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