Unlocking Our Sound Heritage

Remote working!

Keep Calm and Scroll On! (Pt.4)

  One thing I’ve observed during the lockdown is how eerily quiet it is in the evenings!   With a reduction in the number of cars on the road, planes in the air, and trains on the tracks many people across the UK have witnessed the effects of noise pollution. I have found however, that […]

Looking through the Record Office boxes

Looking through the Record Office boxes

One of the features of the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project is that we want to create the opportunity for volunteers to learn new skills. One of our volunteers, Ewan Shaw, has been working with old reel to reel tapes. There are several boxes sitting on the shelves of the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & […]

The Great Central Railway station, Loughborough

The Platform recordings – trains, planes, automobiles and volunteers.

  In 1974 John Kirby and Geoff Smith started ‘Platform’, a BBC Radio Leicester series about transport. Kirby was already making educational programmes for BBC Radio Leicester as part of a teaching secondment. He met John Cole while visiting the Rev. Teddy Boston’s model railway in Cadeby, Leicestershire, and Cole joined the programme in 1975. […]

Images of BBC Radio Leicester

Images of BBC Radio Leicester

There have always been strong links between the University of Leicester and the UK’s first local BBC station, Radio Leicester – https://le.ac.uk/news/2017/november/radio-leicester-and-the-university-of-leicester-2013-50-years-of-collaboration2019. As part of the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH) project we have been digitising a large number of Radio Leicester programmes and we were delighted when we were given some boxes of slides […]

UOSH engineer Richard Wheelband at his workstation.

Audiovisual Heritage at the University of Leicester

  Sunday 27th October 2019 is UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. To join in the celebrations, this blog post looks at some of the Audiovisual Heritage work done at the University of Leicester.   I’ll start with the most recent project, Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH), which is based in Special Collections in the […]

The digital table in the library at the University of Leicester

Catalogues, Websites & Digital Tables

  In the summer of 2019 the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH) project has hosted two Museums Studies work placement students, Feifei Qin and Nidhi Saryal, who have been learning different aspects of working with sound archives.   Nidhi started by processing sound collections that we have brought in from Worcestershire and Derbyshire. These are […]

Volunteering with UOSH

Volunteering with UOSH

Hello I’m Ellie Priestley, a second year Ancient History and History student here at the University of Leicester. As part of the work in one of my modules with Dr James Moore I became aware of the opportunity to work within the Library’s Special Collections as a volunteer with the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage Project […]

Digging Out the Past – the legacy of Alan McWhirr

The first collection we have finished digitising for the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH) project is a monthly radio series about archaeology, Digging Out the Past. This ran from 1979 – 1989 and was produced and presented by the archaeologist Alan McWhirr for BBC Radio Leicester. The series covered some important events, such as the 1988/9 […]

Holiday Memories

As part of the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH) project we have been training volunteers in how to archive and use sound recordings. One of the projects we are working on is creating sound clips that can be used in reminiscence work, and one of the topics we are looking at is holidays.   The […]

Starting the UOSH Midlands Hub

It now seems like a long time ago that we became aware of the British Library’s ambitious plans for a national project that will preserve nearly half a million ‘at risk’ audio recordings. Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH) is the audio preservation and access strand of a larger project called Save Our Sounds, which is […]

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