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Career Development Service

CDS-smallIn the competitive world of work you have to be on top of your game when applying and interviewing for jobs. Our award winning career development service provides top tips on what not to do when looking for, applying to and interviewing for your dream role.

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Cardiovascular news and views

Cardiovascular NewsThe Department of Cardiovascular Sciences has strong links with the NHS, an excellent record in student training and has recently been awarded the Athena Swan Bronze Award. The quality of the cardiovascular research undertaken in Leicester has been further recognised by the award of a National Institute of NIHR Biomedical Research Unit in Cardiovascular Disease. This blog will feature scientific and technological news and advancements relevant to cardiovascular sciences and aims to promote collaboration and discussion within the department, as well as across the University.

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Centre for Urban History

Centre for Urban HistoryHere, you will find posts on a range of stories we have discovered through our research on everything from eighteenth-century Britain to twentieth-century China.

You’ll also be able to discover the latest urban history news, from calls for papers to new publications, as well as conference write-ups.

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College of Social Science Technology Enhanced Learning

The College of Social Science Learning Technologists, David Hopkins and Stephen Walker, work closely with colleagues across the College’s departments to provide a range of support and training services. This blog provides an outlet for them to share their work, research, projects, case studies, events, conferences, presentations, and wider collaborations with Leicester colleagues on matters of learning technology.

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Environment Team: Sus it out

Environment Team Thoughts, information and general musings from the University of Leicester’s Environment Team.

Contributors are currently Dr Sandra Lee – Sustainable Travel Officer, Dr Emma Fieldhouse – Environmental Manager and Phil Ball – Waste Manager.

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Library Special Collections

Special Collections The University Library holds internationally important collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives from as early as the twelfth century. Our collections include iconic items such as the diaries of Joe Orton, the first draft of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 13 ¾, and a first edition of The Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin. The Special Collections team blog about the Library’s treasures and how they can be used for teaching and research.

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Leicester Learning Institute

LLILLI is about higher education staff and student learning development, and innovative curriculum design. The LLI Blog connects the work that we do in the Leicester Learning Institute with the wider University and the Higher Education community beyond that.  We share our reflections on local Learning Strategy matters, our scholarly enquiries into academic practices and our short snippets of micro-learning so as to inspire your curiosity in educational development, with a light dusting of serendipitous learning.

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(Social science APPlied to Healthcare Improvement REsearch)

The SAPPHIRE group’s research helps to improve the quality and safety of care in the NHS and across the world. Our studies address difficult questions involving patient safety, research ethics, and professional standards. This blog aims to locate all of our widely ranging research interests in one easily accessible place, in an acknowledgement of how very relevant these topics are to to both healthcare professionals and members of the public.

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School of English

Book ShelfThe School of English at the University of Leicester is among the best English departments in the country. Our undergraduates follow a challenging programme of modules covering literature and language from before the Norman Conquest to the present day. Our postgraduates study Modern Literature, Creative Writing, Victorian Studies, English Studies and English Language & Linguistics, or work on their own PhD projects. But what do the staff do with their time?

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School of Business Blog: Distinctive and Relevant

Ken EdwardsBusiness should be studied in terms of its role in fostering economic and social prosperity and also with respect to its contribution toward global social and environmental quality of life. Management and economics is not an exclusive set of activities which people called managers and economists do but something which we are all both engaged in and effected by. Business, in other words, is too important not to debate. At Leicester we study it from many perspectives, as contributions to this blog clearly show

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School of Museum Studies

Museum Studies For almost 50 years, Leicester’s School of Museum Studies has been at the cutting edge of its field, and currently has the highest proportion of world-leading research in any subject in any UK university. The School hosts an international community with students from over 20 countries and offers a range of ways to study, with postgraduate programmes offered both on campus and as distance learning courses. Our staff will blog about their research, projects and experiences, as well as day-to-day life at the School.

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School of Psychology

Neuron-Blog-ProfileThe School of Psychology prides itself on combining high quality teaching with research excellence, all delivered within an enthusiastic and friendly environment. Our commitment to providing and teaching the very latest in world-leading research is borne out by our state-of-the-art facilities including eye trackers, EEG and a virtual reality laboratory. This blog reflects the various specialist areas of psychology with posts from members of our clinical, forensic and occupational psychology teams.

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Postgraduate Researcher Careers

This is a biweekly blog covering what is happening in careers provision for postgraduate researchers across the University of Leicester.

Each entry will discuss a sample of what is coming up over the next few weeks, along with reflecting back over what has been happening recently.


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Bayesian Analysis with Stata

john thompsonThis blog is concerned with the use of Stata for conducting Bayesian statistical analyses, including using Stata in conjunction with WinBUGS. It contains examples of applications and pieces on the ado files described in the book, ‘Bayesian analysis with Stata’. The blog is maintained by John Thompson from the Genetic Epidemiology group of the Department of Health Sciences.

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Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans’s Medical Humanities Blog

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Medical Humanities, the University of Leicester. She currently researches the relationship between medicine and the gendering of bodies, and is developing a research base for PhD scholarship on pornography at the University of Leicester. This blog will cover various aspects of Dr Brunskell-Evans’s work including, pornography, the pornification of culture, masculinity, liberal democracy and sexual violence, radical feminism, the sex industry, sex trafficking and sexual objectification, amongst others.

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Helen Dexter Helen Dexter: A blog about teaching and politics.

Helen Dexter is Lecturer in International Politics and Director of Distance Learning for the Department of Politics and International Relations.  Her research interests include political violence, peace and pacifism. She is also interested critical pedagogy.

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 Knowledge to broadcast: research archiving

Grant DenkinsonGrant Denkinson began managing Leicester Research Archive in June 2013 after a decade in Astronomy. This is an exciting time of great change in the world of learning and curiosity: research knowledge is becoming more “open” and we are sharing and learning in new ways. Join him as he investigates the ecology of projects in digital preservation and access and helps get University of Leicester research “out there.”

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Sarah Hodgkinson’s Human Cruelty Network Blog

Sarah HodgkinsonSarah set up the Extremes of Human Cruelty Research Network to draw together people working in different disciplines with a common interest in human cruelty and evil. Her own interest is in  our fascination with evil, the role of death in popular culture, and the psychology of genocide. She is currently undertaking research into Holocaust Tourism and the issues this raises. This blog forms part of that research and focuses on her journeys to Holocaust memorial sites and concentration camps in Europe.

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The Cross and the Crescent: Crusading and the Contemporary World

Norman HousleySince 9/11 we have been living in a time of religious resurgence, in particular alarm about radical Islamic terrorism. Pundits wax lyrical about a new Clash of Civilisations. Understanding this seismic shift in international affairs calls for historical perspective, and scholars of the Crusades are ideally placed to provide it. Here, Professor Norman Housley explores the many resonances between our own world and the most dramatic period of confrontation between Cross and Crescent.

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Carceral ArchipelagoThe Carceral Archipelago

The Carceral Archipelago is a €1.5m European Research Council funded project, running from 2013-18. It is directed by Professor Clare Anderson, who oversees a team of postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students, who are working on a global history of penal colonies, 1415-1960. The research is multi-sited, and stretches from Latin America to the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Russia, Australia and Japan. The blog will explore some of the issues in more depth, and incorporate the whole team into the social media element of the project.

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ChiSRA: the Chinese Studies Research Alliance

Research Alliance image The Chinese Studies Research Alliance (ChiSRA) provides a forum for members of staff and research students to come together to discuss their research interests in China and Chinese Studies. ChiSRA also provides a valuable and exciting opportunity to build on existing relationships with Chinese institutions and to develop new ones.

Read the ChiSRA blog

Consuming Authenticities

Consuming-Authenticities-prConsuming Authenticities is the project blog of an AHRC-funded research project “Consuming Authenticities: Time, Place and the Past in the Construction of ‘Authentic’ Foods and Drinks” involving scholars from the Universities of Leicester, Exeter, Wales Trinity St David, and Middlesex, and a major heritage organisation, the People’s Collection Wales. We’re investigating how different temporal concepts, like timelessness and tradition, and different understandings of history, are involved in the creation of ideas about authenticity in relation to different foods and drinks from both close to home and from around the world.

Read the Consuming Authenticities blog.

caribbean-archipelagoCrime and its Representation in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-2018

The British Academy funded project, Crime and its Representation in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-2018, is a research network linking academics working in various disciplines from across the UK and the Caribbean region. The main events are three two-day workshops in the UK, Jamaica and Trinidad. This blog aims to extend discussions initiated at the workshops and keep network participants connected. Some blog posts might reflect on the workshops, while others may include information about relevant events, publications or calls for papers, or accounts of current research in which participants are engaged.

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Data For Research

andrew burnhamWhilst the term “Research Data Management” may be somewhat dry and off putting, the issues which it is concerned with are of general interest to all researchers. At Leicester RDM is now a responsibility of the Research Computing Management Group and involves people from all Colleges, IT Services, Library, Research Support Office and Academic Practice Unit ( Current contributors are Dr Andrew Burnham, Senior IT Partner.

Read the Data for Research blog


HeForShe LogoIn September 2014, UN Women launched HeForShe, a global solidarity movement for gender equality, with the aim of engaging and encouraging men and boys to take action against the gender inequality which women across the world face.  The United Nations is currently trialling an initiative called the 10x10x10 IMPACT Champions, in which the University of Leicester has been selected to take part as one of 10 universities worldwide.

Read the HeForShe blog

Landscapes and Communities Research

Landscape and communities researchThe Landscapes and Communities Research (LACR) research theme aims to foster research that examines the constitution of and relations between communities and landscapes. Although run from the University of Leicester College of Science and Engineering the theme involves researchers from across the University and aims to foster the development of inter- and trans-disciplinary research, making use of developments in research methodologies including the use of digital datasets and technologies.

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Law in Children’s Lives

Law in Children's LivesLaw in Children’s Lives is an exciting ESRC-funded project led by Dr Dawn Watkins in the School of Law. It is using a specially-designed digital game to explore how far children understand law as an empowering force in their lives. The research is being carried out with primary school pupils from across Leicester and Leicestershire, with smaller groups of children also participating in the game design.  It is hoped that the project will lead to legal and educational reform regarding children and the law.

Read the Law in Children’s Lives blog

‘Learning Outcomes’ project Blog

Learning OutcomesLearning outcomes are a much debated topic in higher education.  This blog will include updates about research we are conducting at the University of Leicester concerning student and academic staff engagement with learning outcomes.  We will also review, debate and discuss other work, arguments and issues arising around the topic of learning outcomes.

Read the Learning Outcomes project blog

Leicester to Jupiter: The Juno Mission

Leicester to JupiterNews and scientific results from the University of Leicester’s Juno science team, combining Earth-based observations and NASA/Juno spacecraft measurements to explore the Jupiter system.

Read the Leicester to Jupiter: The Juno Mission blog

On This Day of War

Passions-of-WarFocussing on a series of notable events and personages from the early modern period to the present day, the ‘On This Day of War’ blog provides a forum for academics from a variety of disciplines to write informative and entertaining accounts of how concepts of gender and sexuality have been informed by the changing nature of warfare and military service.

Read the On This Day of War blog

Performing Citizenship

Performing Citizenship is the blog of the project ‘Performing Citizenship: Arts, Citizenship and Public Life’ funded by the College of Social Sciences and the Department of Media and Communication, University of Leicester, and is written by the Principal Investigator, Dr Maria Rovisco, a Lecturer in Media and Communication. The blog offers critical commentaries on themes relevant to the project and updates about the research being carried out with UK-based artists.

Read the Performing Citizenship blog

Queering Islam

Queering-Islam-Blog-ImageQueering Islam is the blog of the Leverhulme-funded project Queer Diasporas: Homosexuality, Islam and a Micropolitics of Dissent (2014-2017), and it is written by the project leader, Dr Alberto Fernández Carbajal, based at the School of English. The blog offers fresh insights into the development of this innovative project, as well as on academic and public affairs related to queer Muslims and to queer dissidence more generally.

Read the Queering Islam blog

 Social Sciences Librarians’ Blog

Library buildingThis blog is maintained by Liaison Librarians in the David Wilson Library, University of Leicester.  It aims to keep students and staff up to date with new information sources and developments in the field of social sciences.

Contributors are currently: Andrew Dunn, Jackie Hanes, Catherine Taylor and William Farrell.

Read the Social Sciences Librarians’ Blog

The Creative Processes Research Network

Following a successful workshop at the University of Leicester in November 2015 that welcomed scholars from Leicester and across the UK, the Creative Processes Research Network blog provides a space for our network members and invited guests to engage around creative approaches to challenging research.  Posts will be made every two weeks and this blog will help develop and expand our network and push forward discussions and debates about novel and engaging research methodologies.

Read the Creative Processes Research Network blog

The Power of the Criminal Corpse

Criminal Corpse Harnessing the Power of the Criminal Corpse is the research blog sharing findings and research experiences from the Wellcome Trust funded project investigating the social, symbolic, medicinal, judicial, political and scientific power of the criminal corpse. Our project team, working from the disciplines of archaeology, medical and criminal history, folklore, literature and philosophy, will post regularly on the ways in which the power of the criminal corpse was harnessed, by whom, and to what ends in Britain between the late seventeenth and twentieth centuries.

Read the Criminal Corpse blog

Viewing and writing landscape: Luigi Ghirri and his legacy

Luigi GhirriThis interdisciplinary research project aims to broaden the study of the work of Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri (1943-1992), explore Ghirri’s legacy in contemporary photography and beyond and examine further the fruitful intersections among photography, narrative writing, and the investigation of space, place, and landscape both within Italy and outside.

Project website: [Image: ‘Tellaro, 1982-1985’, courtesy Fototeca della Biblioteca Panizzi, Reggio Emilia © Eredi di Luigi Ghirri]

Read the Luigi Ghirri and his legacy blog

Waugh and Words

Waugh and WordsNotes from the coal face of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh Project. Find out what the Waugh Book Group has been reading, catch up with our attempts to track down Waugh manuscripts and all our travels and travails in the name of research. The Evelyn Waugh Project is led by the University of Leicester in collaboration with the University of Oxford, and funded by the AHRC.

Read the Waugh and Words blog





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