The Arch-I-Scan Project


Pottery in times of COVID-19

Even the pottery tries to keep our spirits up

London pottery photography week March 9th-13th.   A third photography week! Blissfully ignorant of what the global impact of COVID-19 would be in a few short days, we set off for London to take more photos of pot sherds. As we make our way to St. Pancras station, we talk about the virus, but as […]

Focus, Photo, Repeat

Beautiful way of making a blob fish out of decoration on Samian, not very useful for analysis of fabric

Photographing sherds in London (January 29th -February 7th)   As I detailed in my last post, the takeaway from our last photography session was that we needed more description to make sure that everyone knows what we are doing and we all stick to the same plan. So another protocol had to be devised for […]

Photographing in the dark

Original plan for photographing whole vessels

December 4th-6th 2019: the Arch-I-Scan project’s first encounter with proper pottery! After two weeks of planning our approach, seven of us (Penelope Allison, Evgeny Mirkes, Santos Núñez Jareño, Victoria Szafara, Alessandra Pegurri, Gabriel Florea and your faithful reporter) brave the winter morning cold to travel down to London to take photographs of whole vessels of […]

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