Leicester to Jupiter: The Juno Mission


Chasing shadows at Jupiter

On July 17th, 11am-4pm,   Leicester planetary scientists Dr. Tom Stallard and Dr. Henrik Melin were live-streaming observations of Ganymede as it passed over the face of Jupiter, using telescopes on the summit of Maunakea, Hawaii.  This observation is expected to give us vital new insights into how Jupiter’s extreme upper atmosphere changes as the […]

The First 150 Days of Juno

Slicing through Jupiter's sub-cloud atmosphere with the microwave radiometer.

  Back in July, there was much fanfare surrounding the successful arrival of the Juno spacecraft at Jupiter.  A near-perfect engine firing had placed the solar-powered spacecraft into just the right orbit, with the promise of great things to come.  Juno’s science goals are fourfold:  explore the origins, interior structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere of this […]

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