3 responses to “A change of plan for Juno’s orbit”

  1. Observing Uranus and Jupiter using iSHELL! – astrorosie

    […] the telescope) which kind of worked after some teething problems. I guess the silver lining of Juno’s orbiting not changing as expected, is that these observations weren’t super high pressure as we weren’t taking aurora […]

  2. Observing inbetween the clouds! – astrorosie

    […] so that I could take data at the same time as Juno… but unfortunately there was a change of plan with Juno’s orbit and so my timely observations (once every 2 weeks) are still going ahead but without Juno observing […]

  3. Holiday Observing – astrorosie

    […] these observations were supposed to be taken at the same time as Juno observations but since then Juno has stayed in a 53.5 day orbit and so unfortunately it was just me aurora spotting. Juno was out there somewhere in […]

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