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Michael J Curtis Job Tips

I was a 1970s undergraduate, at a time when there was much change in world of archaeology, and I found myself leaving university and venturing into that scary world of business. As it happened, what materialised was an interesting, and varied, journey and one which took me in and out of both the public and […]

My Experience of Moving to a PhD

My name is Cristina and I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Earth Observation Science (EOS) group, in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester. But my career in research has only just started – in fact, this is my first postdoc. I can say that my career has had […]

What I Wish I had Known Before Doing This PhD

Today’s post is from Graham Frobisher, who is currently studying part-time for a PhD. Let’s get the elephant firmly out of the room, at the age of 73 I am not a typical or even normal PhD student. However, this gives me a different insight to undertaking a research degree and the opportunity to be […]

My experience with moving from Industry to doing a PhD by Ritika Shukla

I graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering MEng from the University of Leicester back in 2015. Doing a PhD right after my undergraduate degree crossed my mind but I found myself confused on which research area I wanted to focus on. I therefore decided to step into the world of industry and wanted to […]

How to excel in the years following your PhD

This Blog Post is provided by Nick Masca, University of Leicester PhD graduate. Nick is currently Head of Marketing Algorighms / Data Science with Marks and Spencer. Since completing my PhD at the University of Leicester back in 2011, I’ve enjoyed tackling problems in various companies and industries, as well as during a stint in […]

The Adventures of Charles Letagne – A Salutary Tale of Ethical Responsibility

A former colleague, who I worked with in an academic context, derived great amusement from referring to a paper by the (imaginary) academic Charles Letagne. He used it to illustrate a number of issues around ethics and integrity in the context of research. He would circulate the paper amongst a class and ask them to […]

Social Responsibility – Corporate or Social.

I once worked for a company which included contributions to a hospital in a North African country amongst its corporate social responsibility efforts. Many times I heard stories of a trip, with two land-rovers loaded with provisions for the hospital, driven from the UK to North Africa. The provisions were left with the hospital, along […]

It is Ok to not feel OK

At the start of the Wellbeing Webinars for PGRs and ECRs here at the University of Leicester I sometimes find myself referring to the trend for emails to begin with, or contain, reference to ‘these difficult times’ or ‘these unprecedented times’, or something similar. Whilst these words may be well intentioned it is also unfortunately […]

A Chimera?

So the lockdown is being lifted piece by piece. Different pace in different countries, even different pace in different countries within the UK. As I see yet another article by someone professing knowledge and insight into the realities of life pre, during and post lockdown I find myself torn in one of two routes. Route […]

Keeping it Simples

I am sure I have quoted Alexander Orlov, the world’s most famous Meerkat, on this blog before. Quoted his passion for things ‘simples’. Cutting out the complexity. As we adjust to a world of online working; whether we will be doing it for the short, medium or long term; it is important to bear in […]

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