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I am sure I have quoted Alexander Orlov, the world’s most famous Meerkat, on this blog before. Quoted his passion for things ‘simples’. Cutting out the complexity.
As we adjust to a world of online working; whether we will be doing it for the short, medium or long term; it is important to bear in mind that simplicity is a very helpful tool. In worlds like HE and work, there tends to be a temptation to value the complex. Spin, media, social media, all focus on trying to influence the thoughts of the target audience. Jargon pervades the office, teaching room, meeting room and laboratory. However, when we feel overloaded by the demands of the day it may be advisable to look for the simple solution. The overload means that our capacity for more material is limited.

I would like to refer you to something a colleague, Denise Taylor, shared on linkedin yesterday as part of her toolkit for surviving the current challenges we all face. A simple ABC…

• A – Autonomy: Have a go at writing a list of what you can and can’t control at the moment – and consciously let go of the things that you can’t. Of those you can do, what can you put in place to enhance and embed these more strongly into your daily life?
• B – Belonging: What sources of emotional support are you finding helpful at the moment. Can you do more to increase your levels of social connection? Is there anything you need in terms of informational support? Who in your network could signpost you to these resources?
• C – Competence: What can you do to increase those feelings of accomplishment in your daily life?

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