A Chimera?

So the lockdown is being lifted piece by piece. Different pace in different countries, even different pace in different countries within the UK. As I see yet another article by someone professing knowledge and insight into the realities of life pre, during and post lockdown I find myself torn in one of two routes.

Route 1: Everyone has to make a living.
Route 2: Just follow me, I know the best route forward.

1. So after the initial shock of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a breathing space whilst we adjusted to:
2. The disbelief about what was happening to us. Yes, we had seen the science-fiction movies but that is all it is, a movie. How can a pandemic be happening in our tidy little time and lives.
This lead naturally to…
3. Self-doubt, where we questioned our ability to cope with the uncertainty of this new reality. What is happening? Will I fold under the strain or emerge renewed like a butterfly from the Chrysalis? This is where people appeared to diverge, as we entered a phase of…
4. Disbelief. Yes, whilst those of us wracked by self-doubts just wondered if we could survive and our experimentation was focused on how best to do so, others of a more enterprising ilk started to emerge. Vlogs, online diaries, video snippets of the support they could provide for the rest of us, articles about their experience of lockdown and their emergence from same.
Yet, these ‘expert outputs’ leave me bewildered and cold.
Bewildered, because I cannot see from where their expertise comes.
Cold at their crass insensitivity to the fact that tens of thousands of people have died and every death is a tragedy for loved ones. Along with those left physically and mentally scarred.
5. However, as dawn follows night, I found that I was developing a sense of Acceptance of my new reality. I hope everyone else is finding an acceptance of theirs.
6. I guess this edition of my blog is evidence of my current search for meaning in all of this. Whilst those of us fortunate enough to retain our jobs, at this point, press on it is beholden on me to remember that everyone must make a living (Route 1). Even amongst those who have not been physically effected by Covid-19, so many have lost their jobs, their personal security and their livelihoods. So, if some are driven by desperation to overstretch their claims on what they can do in their new start-up businesses, in this emergent world it is important to remember the challenges they face. So, together we approach…
7. Integration of all of the new aspects of our reality.

Some people just grateful for what we have, striving to plug on.
Some people who have lost jobs, businesses etc… trying to move on to a new reality.

Some people who have lost people they loved.
Our medical colleagues who will be left with memories of things they have seen and experienced that will stay with them forever.

So, please could those who are faking knowledge of the way forward, based on ego-driven, reasons (Route 2), show a little respect.

You will have noticed I have woven this blog around the well known 7-stage model of a Transition. Just goes to show, we can all act smart but most of us choose not to.

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