4 responses to “Upriver to Mazaruni Prison (Guyana)”

  1. Grant McPherson

    I enjoyed your research on the Mazaruni prison.

    I went there in late 1980’s. I was part of an expedition called “operation Raleigh”
    We were supposed to do a community project at the jail, but was deemed too dangerous.
    I did repair their boats outboard and have drinks in the officers mess.
    It still strikes me today, the worn out uniforms and shoes of the prison officers, but their attempts to continue to run the prison as the British had done.

    It was a freightening place!

  2. Dee

    Thankyou for this interesting article. My Great Grandfather worked @ Mazaruni penal settlement. We have family stories passed down from him about his experiences. Do you know if there is any historic staff records available?

  3. Alston Arthur

    Really informative

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