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Book Group: Officers and Gentlemen

The first thing we noticed about the second book in Waugh’s trilogy was the ambivalence of its title. Playing on the traditional description of a man as ‘an officer and a gentleman’, the plural form ‘officers and gentlemen’ instead implies that a man can be rather one or the other: and there are very few […]

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Party like it’s 1929 – Photographs!

Firstly I must apologise for it taking a whole week to get this post up! It has been very busy at Waugh towers over the past few days. The Evelyn Waugh themed cocktail party was an event held in association with the Leicester Everybody’s Reading festival, the University of Leicester, and of course, the very […]

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Party Like it’s 1929

 You can now book your free place at this event here.     What: Party like it’s 1929! Come to the Old Hundreth and celebrate with the Evelyn Waugh Book Group as we read extracts from our favourite Waugh books, ranging from the black comedy of A Handful of Dust to bittersweet Brideshead Revisited. Sip […]

A Handful of Dust started life as the illustrated short story 'The Man Who Liked Dickens', which appeared in Nash's Pall Mall Magazine in November 1933

Book Group: A Handful of Dust

On Saturday morning, Manaus was the name on everybody’s lips. Not only was some football apparently going to be played there that evening, but this particular part of the Amazonian rainforest is also the last known whereabouts of Tony Last, hero of Waugh’s masterpiece A Handful of Dust.  This 1934 novel marks a real shift in […]

Cover image for the Penguin Modern Classics edition of Vile Bodies

Book Group: Vile Bodies

  On Saturday the 17th, taking refuge from the glorious May sunshine, the Evelyn Waugh Book Group met at Leicester Central Library to discuss Vile Bodies, Waugh’s second novel, published in 1930, and significantly, the last novel he wrote before his conversion to Catholicism. Part way through writing Vile Bodies, Waugh’s first wife, Evelyn Gardner, […]

Original Chapman & Hall dust-jacket for Vile Bodies (1930)

Book Group: Vile Bodies

  Email Barbara to join us and discuss Evelyn Waugh’s second novel, which begins as surreal social comedy before making an abrupt descent into darker, more bitter territory. The novel is great preparation for A Handful of Dust, which we’ll be reading in June.Alternatively, comment below to kickstart the conversation online. When: Saturday 17th May, 11.00am-1.00pm […]

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