A Handful of Dust started life as the illustrated short story 'The Man Who Liked Dickens', which appeared in Nash's Pall Mall Magazine in November 1933

Book Group: A Handful of Dust

On Saturday morning, Manaus was the name on everybody’s lips. Not only was some football apparently going to be played there that evening, but this particular part of the Amazonian rainforest is also the last known whereabouts of Tony Last, hero of Waugh’s masterpiece A Handful of Dust.  This 1934 novel marks a real shift in […]

Paula Byrne will address the conference in 2015.

Evelyn Waugh and His Circle: Reading and Editing the Complete Works

As many of you might know already, in 2015 we are planning a glitzy international Evelyn Waugh conference here in Leicester. Richard III is SO 2013. If you’d like to present at the conference, please read on for the Call for Papers: Call for Papers The Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh project invites submissions for […]

Brenda Last: worst mother in literature?

Fiendish Friday Quiz #5: Answers

Now, as you know, all our Evelyn Waugh Newsletter/Studies are available online – so I could just direct the interested to Volume 24 No 2 where, alongside the answers you’ve all been waiting for, you will also find a somewhat surprising article on Sebastian Flyte and Charles Ryder’s relationship and a thought-provoking discussion of literacy […]

Evelyn Waugh Newsletter in Special Collections

Evelyn Waugh Newsletter in Special Collections

  Well, it’s taken a while but we finally did it – the entire back-catalogue of the Evelyn Waugh Newsletter (1967-1989), Evelyn Waugh Newsletter and Studies (1990-2010) and Evelyn Waugh Studies (2011-) is now available from Leicester special collections online. As well as being the source of the Waugh Corner’s Fiendish Friday Quizzes, the collection […]

Fiendish Friday Quiz #5

Fiendish Friday Quiz #5

You’d be forgiven for thinking things had gone awfully quiet over in the Waugh Corner. Far from it. We are wiping the virtual sweat from our digital brows hourly as we get the main project website off the ground – another week or so should do it. Until then, however – try this on for […]

From Waugh's Remote People (1931)

Waugh Geography Quiz: Answers

Here we go quiz fans… A sticky moment there when these answers did not appear in the Newsletter following the geography quiz and I thought the Waugh Corner might be obliged to reconstruct them from scratch… happily however they materialised in Volume 21, No. 1. Phew. ANSWERS TO “A WAUGH GEOGRAPHICAL QUIZ” By Donald Greene […]

Living room at 17a Canonbury Square (detail). ©Alexander Waugh, Waugh Family Archive, Milverton.

Vile Bodies: The photograph! The painting! The half-finished book!

The following is a guest post kindly supplied by Duncan McLaren.   In the spring of 2011, when my book Evelyn! Rhapsody for an Obsessive Love was listed for publication by the now defunct Beautiful Books, Alexander Waugh kindly provided me with scans of several photos that he suggested I might use for publicity purposes. […]

Original Chapman & Hall dust-jacket for Vile Bodies (1930)

Book Group: Vile Bodies

  Email Barbara to join us and discuss Evelyn Waugh’s second novel, which begins as surreal social comedy before making an abrupt descent into darker, more bitter territory. The novel is great preparation for A Handful of Dust, which we’ll be reading in June.Alternatively, comment below to kickstart the conversation online. When: Saturday 17th May, 11.00am-1.00pm […]

The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold tells of Waugh's horror at private letters being made public.

Book Group: The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold

Words by Ian Truslove. The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold: “A Conversation Piece” recounts a period of mental confusion and breakdown in the life of Gilbert Pinfold, an established novelist of mature years. Evelyn Waugh’s last stand-alone novel was published in 1957, nine years before his death. It is an uncomfortable book. It is significantly autobiographical, and many of […]

Fiendish Friday Quiz #3: Geography

Fiendish Friday Quiz #3: Geography

 In Autumn 1986 Donald Greene, inspired by  Thomas Gribble to find something that would really tax the erudite members of the Evelyn Waugh Society, turned to geography and asked the following fiendish questions. How many can you get? Answers next week. Here in the Waugh Corner, all cataloguing is now done (hurrah!) and all back […]

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