Fiendish Friday Quiz #5

You’d be forgiven for thinking things had gone awfully quiet over in the Waugh Corner. Far from it. We are wiping the virtual sweat from our digital brows hourly as we get the main project website off the ground – another week or so should do it.

Until then, however – try this on for size (and yes, we know it’s not a Friday). The Waugh Corner did rather better than usual on this one – about 5!

Waugh Quiz 5 by Thomas A. Gribble

1.    In London, who lived in or at…

Portait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Waugh wrote about Rosetti – but where did he live?

a.     Carlisle Place;
b.    Eaton Terrace;
c.     Cheyne Walk;
d.    Ebury Street;
e.    Onslow Square;
f.     Lowndes Square;
g.    Sussex Gardens;
h.    10 Downing Street;
i.      Bayswater Road;
j. Curzon Street
k. Chester Street;
l. Montague Street;
m. Grosvenor Square;
n. Arlington Street;
0. A flat in a house of Belgrave Square;
p. A cul-de-sac near St. James Palace;
q. Hill Street;
r. Bloomsbury?





2. What is another name for Connelly’s Chemical Closet?

3. Who accompanied Mrs. Hicks on a tourist expedition, and where?

4. Why should one be grateful to Mr. Hicks?

5. Who wrote An Examination of Certain Redundancies in Emperical Concepts?

6. When can a whale be taken for a sprat?

7. What do Hucklebury Squib, Bartholomew Grass, and Tom Barebones-Abraham have in common?

8. Who wrote in “a large, school-girlish hand with wide spaces between the lines”?

9. Who said, “In a democracy men do not seek authority so that they may impose a policy. They seek a policy so that they may achieve authority.”?

10. Who was awarded the Order of Merit?

11. How did the aunt in Peterborough differ from the aunt who lived in Tunbridge Wells?

12. Whose mother is involved with a Distressed Area charity?

13. What did Inspector Bruce of Scotland Yard do?

14. Who had been a press agent for a female contortionist?

15. What did Sir Lionel Sterne buy?

16. What do Joe Mulligan, Pigge, Scab Dunz, Whelper, Bum Schlum, and Shumble have in common?

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