Fiendish Friday Quiz #5: Answers

Now, as you know, all our Evelyn Waugh Newsletter/Studies are available online – so I could just direct the interested to Volume 24 No 2 where, alongside the answers you’ve all been waiting for, you will also find a somewhat surprising article on Sebastian Flyte and Charles Ryder’s relationship and a thought-provoking discussion of literacy and orality in A Handful of Dust.

But that would be lazy, wouldn’t it? Read on.


By Thomas A. Gribble

Kristin Scott Thomas as Brenda Last

Kristin Scott Thomas as Brenda Last

1A. Peregrine Crouchback (Unconditional Surrender)

B. lan and Kerstie Kilbannock (Officers and Gentlemen)

C. Everard Spruce (Unconditional Surrender)

D. Sir Ralph Brompton (Unconditional Surrender)

E. Paul Pennyfeather’s guardian (Decline and Fall)

F. The Box-Benders (Men at Arms); Lady Seal (Black Mischief); Lady Van burgh (Decline and Fall)

Illustration of Mrs Stitch in bed

Mrs Stitch as imagined by Severin

G. John Beaver and his mother (Handful of Dust)

H. Sir James Brown, Jane Brown (Vile Bodies)

I. Charles Ryder’s father (Brideshead Revisited)

J. Margot Metroland (Scoop)

K. Sonia and Alastair Trumpington (Put Out More Flags)

L. Sonia and Alastair Trumpington (Black Mischief)

M. Angela Lyne (Put Out More Flags)

Edward Petherbridge as Peregrine Crouchback

Edward Petherbridge as Peregrine Crouchback

N. Arthur Box-Bender (Men at Arms)

O. Brenda Last (Handful of Dust)

P. Mrs. Stitch (Scoop)

Q. Angela and Basil Seal (Basil Seal Rides Again); Lady Metroland at Pastmaster House (Vile Bodies)

R. Ambrose Silk (Put Out More Flags)



2. Apthorpe’s Thunder Box (Men at Arms)

3. Sebastian Flyte and Charles Ryder, in Venice (Brideshead Revisited)

4. Cara acquired a British passport when she married him, and therefore she was later able to accompany Lord Marchmain to England where she could find refuge from the threatened war( Brideshead Revisited)

5. Joe Cattermole (Unconditional Surrender)

6. When the whale is Major General Whale, whose nickname is Sprat (Officers and Gentlemen)

7. They are all pseudonyms used by Ambrose Silk in Ivory Tower (Put Out More Flags)

8. John Beaver (Handful of Dust)

9. Gilbert Pinfold (Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold)

10. Ambrose Silk (Put Out More Flags)

11. The aunt in Peterborough did not exist; she was an invention created by Apthorpe (Men at Arms)

12. Agatha Runcible’s mother, Viola Chasm (Scoop)

13. He arrested Paul Pennyfeather (Decline and Fall)

14. Basil Seal (Put Out More Flags)

15. Mr. Plant’s painting entitled ‘Agog Before Samuel’ (Work Suspended)

16. They are all journalists (Scoop, Officers and Gentlemen)

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