Cecil Rhodes' tomb in Matobo National Park.

Book Group: A Tourist in Africa

Before last Saturday, I kept quiet about A Tourist in Africa’s reputation as Waugh’s ‘worst book’. Why prejudge the issue? The travelogue was specially requested by a member of the group – if he’d enjoyed it, why shouldn’t the rest of us? In the event, we did more than enjoy it. For many of us, […]

Nacy Miford's Pigeon Pie (1940)

Book Group: Pigeon Pie

The group was in fine form this Saturday as we met to discuss a ‘non-Waugh’ book for the first time. Original members have worked through nearly all Waugh’s fiction now, so we are looking for ways to branch out without losing the interest that binds us together – one way, we thought, was to read […]

Image of rare Scoop copy, courtesy M Sutcliffe

Book Group: Scoop

How can a book be so current and so dated at the same time? This was at the forefront of our minds as we met to discuss Waugh’s 1938 parody of Fleet Street and the world of foreign correspondents. The book is drawn from Waugh’s own experiences as a journalist in Abyssinia, but far more […]

Book Group: Unconditional Surrender

Book Group: Unconditional Surrender

In January, a small cohort of the Book Group met to discuss the last book in Waugh’s “Sword of Honour” trilogy: Unconditional Surrender, which appeared for the first time in 1961. It nearly did not appear at all; Waugh struggled with its writing, and at one point it looked as if Officers and Gentlemen (1955) […]

Members of the Evelyn Waugh Book Group

Book Group: Officers and Gentlemen

The first thing we noticed about the second book in Waugh’s trilogy was the ambivalence of its title. Playing on the traditional description of a man as ‘an officer and a gentleman’, the plural form ‘officers and gentlemen’ instead implies that a man can be rather one or the other: and there are very few […]

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Party Like it’s 1929

 You can now book your free place at this event here.     What: Party like it’s 1929! Come to the Old Hundreth and celebrate with the Evelyn Waugh Book Group as we read extracts from our favourite Waugh books, ranging from the black comedy of A Handful of Dust to bittersweet Brideshead Revisited. Sip […]

The Sweet and Twenties

The Sweet and Twenties

If you’re mad about the twenties, why not join us and Party Like it’s 1929?   One of the most joyous things about my work as Research Associate on the Complete Works project is that it falls to me to keep the university library well stocked with all things Waugh. As well as ordering in […]

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