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  1. Bernie

    I am currently working on my husband’s family tree and have found a thesis on-line by W King 1979. The Economic and Demographic Development of Rossendale c650 — cl795

    This covers the area where his ancestors once lived and in particular, in Todd Hall and I’d like to refer to the following in the tree, which is for personal family use only and will not be copied to the internet or published:

    ‘George Hargreaves of Haslingden, variously described
    as a grocer or mercer, was probably a similar case. In 1722, he
    received £800 from Roger Kay of Fittleton, Wiltshire for his share in
    the Todd Hall e s t a t e , I n 1725, he left a substantial fourteen roomed
    house plus barns and stables and a considerable personal estate by local
    standards of £361 7s 2d,^^^ His son, George Hargreaves II, appears to
    have built further on this base. In 1750, he bought the whole of the
    Todd Hall estate for the considerable sum of £1920.’

    Do you think that there would be any objection to my referencing this document and particularly this section which is on page 220?

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