4 responses to “Thinking About Convict Objects, in French Guiana”

  1. Hong Nhung Nguyen


    I am a reporter from Vietnam. I really enjoyed reading this post. I will be more than happy if I can contact the writer via email to get more information about convict objects in French Guiana. I have interests in colonial prisons and am working on the documentary project about Annamite prisoners in French Guiana.


  2. Hong Nhung Nguyen

    So you are the one who I did not talk to :). Thank you very much for leaving me a reply.

  3. Lorraine Paterson

    Dear Hong, I should have given you my contact information when we met in the archives in Cayenne, for which I apologize. I am working on a book on Vietnamese prisoners throughout the French empire and have done extensive research on the prisoners in French Guiana. My email contact is lmp20@cornell.edu. I hope to hear how your documentary is progressing. All best wishes,
    Lorraine Paterson

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