Instituto Moreira Salles – Luigi Ghirri: Pensare per immagini/Thinking images.

  With a selection of Luigi Ghirri’s photographs montaged in between reflections on his work, these thoughts provide an overview of his techniques and style while at the same time drawing attention to his aim of understanding the world through a focus on the banal as opposed to the creation of a masterpiece. An excellent video from IMS! (Video published […]

‘Grande Successo’ / ‘Great Success’.

Emiliano-Romagnoli have reported on the great success of the Luigi Ghirri exhibition in Brazil (‘Luigi Ghirri. Pensar Por Imagens.’). The exhibition has now moved from the Insituto Moreira Salles in Säo Paolo to the Instituto Moreira Salles in Rio de Janeiro, with reports in the magazine Veja Säo Paulo and the newspaper O’Globo highlighting the […]

Some recent Ghirri exhibitions (2013)

Some recent Ghirri exhibitions (2013)

In 2013 the MAXXI (Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo) in Rome held a major retrospective of Ghirri’s work, curated by Francesca Fabiani, Laura Gasparini and Giuliano Sergio: ‘Luigi Ghirri, ‘Pensare per immagini’’ (23 April-27 October 2013):     The MAXXI Ghirri retrospective is currently being exhibited in Brazil, thanks to the Instituto […]

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