‘Grande Successo’ / ‘Great Success’.

Emiliano-Romagnoli have reported on the great success of the Luigi Ghirri exhibition in Brazil (‘Luigi Ghirri. Pensar Por Imagens.’). The exhibition has now moved from the Insituto Moreira Salles in Säo Paolo to the Instituto Moreira Salles in Rio de Janeiro, with reports in the magazine Veja Säo Paulo and the newspaper O’Globo highlighting the increasing impact and acknowledgement of Ghirri’s work at an international level. The exhibition—reported to have been seen by 112,000 people in Italy alone—draws attention to both the relevance and importance of the work being done here in Leicester.


The following links are worth looking at for further information:



The exhibition is on in Rio until 13 April 2014, details of which can be accessed on the following site:


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