Valuing Diversity and Teaching inclusively: acknowledging ‘additional work’

  Starting University is a major step in life for all students. It involves a change in social networks, ways of working, and, often, the place that students call ‘home’. All students face a range of challenges with different magnitudes. For some, the change is not so large, and they have effective mechanisms to cope. […]

Isoken introducing JLTHE at the Discover Teaching Excellence Conference 2019

Journaling into the unknown by Isoken Igbinovia

  Posted on behalf of Isoken Igbinovia, Psychology Graduate and Accelerate Your Career Intern.       “Using reason without applying it to experience only leads to theoretical illusions. Ideas derived from real world experiences lead to acquisition of knowledge, and the accumulation of time-tested principles leads to wisdom.”             ― […]

Experiential learning: what does sleeping on cardboard tell me about homelessness?

Experiential learning: what does sleeping on cardboard tell me about homelessness?

Trigger warning: this blog may be TMI for some people, so don’t read on if you are easily offended.   Much like role-play, the educationalists favourite tool, is superficial and a poor replica of the complexity of any real life scenario, sleeping on cardboard teaches me NOTHING about really being homeless.   However, it does […]

Lucy Mercer Mapstone at issotl18

Are we powerless to develop student staff partnerships?

  It’s a pretence. The idea that students and staff can work together in a partnership. The argument, put forward by Dr Lucy Mercer Mapstone at the RAISE Special Interest Group on Power Dynamics in Student Staff Partnerships, was convincing. I was left with the concern that ‘Student-staff partnerships’ or ‘Students as consultants’  are just […]

Many ways to start a dialogue: Here’s one

Over the past few months I’ve been helping various members of staff, across various departments, schools and colleges, look at ways to help students make better sense of assessment criteria. The main support I’ve provided is around writing clearer criteria and listing them in a one page table (a rubric). The other thing I’ve been […]

Some of the #Learning Community: - sharing expertise around video creation

Video-tastic #LearningCommunity

Want to learn how to plan, produce and edit videos for learning and teaching? ‘Yes!’ said twenty-five staff and students at our #LearningCommunity event. This was the first event in our calendar, and it was a resounding success. Held in the Digital Reading Room, in the David Wilson Library, we set up our kit and […]

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