Implementing lecture capture event 11 Sep 2017 – Implementation, training and support

As part of the ‘Implementing lecture capture – what are we learningevent on Monday 11 September 2017, we held discussions on the theme of Implementation, Training and Support

This session included discussions on the challenges of implementing a lecture capture solution, how to effectively support lecture capture and the importance (or otherwise) of including video in the recordings.


Issues to consider when implementing lecture capture on an institutional level include:

  • Whether to use a software or hardware-based solution
  • Cost
  • How to integrate with the VLE
  • Whether or not to integrate with the timetabling system. Such integration depends on data quality and may increase the storage space required.
  • Authentication and integration with the student records system
  • The use of APIs for detailed analytics.


The importance of communicating effectively with staff was highlighted, including streamlining automatic notifications sent by the system.


Discussions showed considerable variation between institutions in the size of their support teams. Regardless of size, it is important that support is integrated between IT, estates, AV services and pedagogical aspects. Approaches to support included remote real-time support using zoom cameras, student tech ambassadors, online resources and workshops. There was also discussions of what colour the indicator lights should be.


In general, video was not felt to be necessary apart from when capturing activity on boards. In some cases it was felt to be important to capture video of presenters for accessibility reasons, to capture lip movement to enable lip reading.

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