4 responses to “Cooking Inauthentically Part 2: An Experiment with Acarajé”

  1. Elaine Forde

    I can’t believe these are not Acaraje!

    I eat black eyed beans all the time and recently had some leftovers. Inspired by your experiment with Flauones, Deborah, I looked up the recipe. One of the key ingredients was dried shrimp, which I could not get hold of in west Wales, and even well known online shops didn’t have much. To be honest I was put off by finding dried shrimp also listed as reptile food!

    I would have loved to make them but if I don’t get to next time I think you should definitely use black eyed beans. You don’t need to either soak or cook black eyed beans for as long as other beans, and the skins just come away really easily under running water- they float off. Plus black eyed beans are really creamy as beans go.

    You’ll be making cider next!

  2. Elaine Forde

    Sounds great- any chance of shipping in some dried shrimp to Aberystwyth when I see you on 16th?? 😀

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