2 responses to “Who Cares for Academics?”

  1. Richard Hall

    Interesting. Thank you. Been thinking this through in terms of academic labour and anxiety http://www.richard-hall.org/2016/04/27/re-engineering-higher-education-the-subsumption-of-academic-labour-and-the-exploitation-of-anxiety/

  2. Bob Townley

    Thank you to Charlie and Eda for this blog. It has really struck a chord. I often think of an academic colleague who once said to me “sometimes I wake up in the morning and my whole body bursts into tears”. And I could feel it; her pain and sadness was visceral and tangible. But she was largely left on her own with that sense of drowning in a large concrete block in south London. And I was thinking about your reference to the “entrenched disadvantages that undermine opportunities for wellbeing” in the context of my PhD research, and psychoanalytic theory and practice, in that being human is often incredibly painful – and so much of that potential for pain is very deeply entrenched – as well as occasionally joyful, of course. My research (and lived experience) has shown the very thin line between external and internal crisis and the value of someone recognising and responding our pain. What amazes me is that so few of us burst into tears, in work or in public, on a regular basis. I would love to join you in your research space!

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