3 responses to “Addressing Liberty: Hayek, Gibraltar and The Road to Serfdom”

  1. Greg Ransom

    Hayek went to US b/c divorce & remarriage.

    There is no evidence Hayek knew of Pinochet’s human rights violations, people who knew Hayek say as a old man he was not Mr. with it on current affairs/

    Your idea that Hayek’s world view is compatible with dictatorship is moronic, at best.

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  3. Leonardo B Martini-Brown BA MA MA MSc MSc

    Dear Chris,
    The article abstract states that this visit/report has been unstudied when it should read “unpublished”. When I was research and policy consultant to the Gibraltar TGWU in the 1990s I made a complete transcript of the PRO file correctly quoted by yourself (& retain it). I notified the Hayek society in the USA about it then.
    You note that few historians have used this data but the PRO file was “Secret” and subject to decades of closure. Albert Risso MLC(pro communist to whom Chief Minister Joshua Hassan was much indebted for Labour support)raised the issue of the non publication of this report in the Legislative Council in the 1950s.
    I am not sure if you have picked up the point noted by Eastwood the Governor that the lower skilled who would be expected to vacate Gibraltar back to La Linea/Campo would be more likely to be Spanish and thus those remaining would have more space etc.
    I will comment further on full read.
    Do you have a transcipt?
    Best wishes

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