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  1. Bob Townley

    This is really interesting.
    I have spent the past few weeks travelling across the south Wales valleys talking to groups of long-term unemployed people trying to find their way back to work – and to a sense of a meaningful life. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with my PhD research on issues of loss and mourning, as these issues have been at the heart of these discussions. My interest here has been as an evaluator, trying to assess the value of European funded interventions helping people to take small steps back to employment. What seems clear is that these people in the south Wales valleys are suffering the legacy of an industry (coal mining) destroyed and the ongoing trauma that this has created within their own lives, families and communities. James’ comments on the “perverse poetry” of the Minecraft game are really interesting and chime with some analyses of Freud’s (1917) paper ‘on Mourning and Melancholia’, where the melancholic who cannot digest their loss are left wandering through life as the living dead. There’s probably not much that the funding body can do about the impact of this legacy. But it’s also been clear that just a small amount of support, of understanding, of someone (the project workers)having some sense of the extent of their pain, can make a big difference.

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