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Distrust of Employer’s Responses to COVID-19 Could increase both Presenteeism and Absenteeism in UK Workplaces

People’s trust in their employer’s response to COVID-19 will shape their attitudes to returning to the workplace, Professor Stephen Wood writes.   Stay at home wherever possible is a central plank of the UK (and other) government’s policy to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. There are now signs this is beginning to be tempered as workers […]

Fraud and Corruption blog #2: Building a Bridge over Troubled Waters – Lets learn to stand together against fraud and corruption! by Nigel Iyer

In this blog Nigel Iyer, a Fraud Detective and Fellow of the University of Leicester School of Business, draws on ideas from his new book ‘How to Find Fraud and Corruption – Recipes for the Aspiring Fraud Detective’ discussing how everyone can and should be a fraud detective. If the famous English dramatist Oscar Wilde […]

Fraud and Corruption blog #1: Fraud and Corruption in the Classroom – Kicking the big firm dependency habit by Dr Matthew Higgins

In this blog Dr Matthew Higgins discusses how we can teach fraud and corruption as a socio-political, cultural and economic issue, and provide practical tools and approaches that individuals can draw upon to prevent and detect incidences of fraud in their personal and organisational lives. Much like the cacophony of advertising that constantly seeks our […]

Lean Enterprise Research Centre 25 Year Anniversary Conference

Dr Nicola Bateman was asked by to be a plenary speaker for “The LERC 25th Anniversary Conference Lean Retrospective: Assessing Lean Thinking Evolution, Current State and Future Challenges” alongside Dan Jones, John Bicheno and Nick Rich. Each speaker took their own perspective on the last 25 years of application and research of lean. This blog […]

Code Worker Commodification and the Productivity Paradox: Views on Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

Dr Phoebe V Moore was invited to speak on a panel organised by the German Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN) at the Human Computer Interaction conference 26 – 31 July 2019. Dr Moore’s trip was funded by Leicester University’s ESRC Impact Accelerator grant. Whilst there, Moore conducted some interviews for her […]

Trade Union Responses to Immigration and Immigrant Workers in the European Context

Heather Connolly (University of Leicester), Stefania Marino and Miguel Martinez Lucio (University of Manchester) The Politics of Social Inclusion and Labor Representation: Immigrants and Trade Unions in the European Context. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 2019. This new book compares and contrasts trade union responses to immigration and immigrant workers in three countries, the Netherlands, Spain, […]

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