Harry Callahan Exhibition at Tate Modern








(Image: Harry Callahan, Detroit, 1951, printed 1979-1989, © Estate of Harry Callahan; courtesy of Pace/MacGill Gallery New York, published by Time Out)

If you are visiting London before 31 May 2014, I would urge you to go and see an exhibition of Harry Callahan’s photography at Tate Modern (if you have time). Upon recently viewing this excellent and stimulating exhibition (which is also free, by the way), I could not help but make associations with Luigi Ghirri’s work. Callahan was influenced by the work of Ansel Adams, although he is still not particularly well known in the UK. Time Out add that ‘Callahan was […] capable of disconcerting concentration on objects that most people wouldn’t bother to call subjects – a lamppost, a flagpole, a Florentine alleyway’. These points highlight a tension between the issue of commercial success (through the work of Adams) and something more challenging. For me, this raises the following question in relation to our project: How is the work of Ghirri currently positioned in relation to the issue of commercial success?

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