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A DIPtastic spread at the Medical School’s Lunchtime Seminar!

A DIPtastic spread at the Medical School’s Lunchtime Seminar!

Last Tuesday (06-11-2018) the Digital Innovation Partnership (DIP) was kindly invited by Prof Liz. Anderson to present some of last year’s excellent digital enhancement projects at the Medical School’s Lunchtime seminar. Under the enjoyment of a light lunch Nicola Baker (Physiotherapy), Andrew Gulley (ODP Education) and Terese Bird, Nasif Mahmood and Vanessa Rodwell (Medical and Social […]

Come with us if you want to live [digitally]!

Come with us if you want to live [digitally]!

  With a new T-shirt (hence the Terminator reference) and a new theme (assessment and feedback) the Digital Innovation Partnership is back with a bang.   Yesterday (07/11/2018) the first planning session of the Academic year took place in the brand new Digital Reading Room and saw staff and students from Informatics and Economics plan […]

Digitally General: why digital is not always the answer

Making something digital does not always make it better. Why? It not the digital itself that it actually the issue. After all, experimentation and exploration with digital practices and devices can bring on board innovative change within academic learning and teaching. Fundamentally, it is the way we view and handle the digital which needs to […]

A Literal Escape Room: an experiential approach to study skills

Students working on escape room activity, University of Leicester.

Developed by Mark Van Der Enden, Tracy Dix, and Alex Patel The challenge and rationale… The problem with ‘study skills’ workshops are that, typically, they are boring, generic and students feel they have little relevance to them (Lea and Street, 2006; Rooney, 2016). In fact, it takes a GREAT deal of time, effort and expertise […]

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