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From Royal Society Fellows to early-career researchers, corporate services to academic related – all members of staff are engaged in creating new knowledge, whether in the sciences, social sciences, business, the arts or wherever their interests lie. This wealth of research expertise means Leicester has a unique and critical role to play in helping to overcome major challenges faced by society.

This site aims to provide a platform for University of Leicester staff – whether early-career, established or somewhere in between; whether researching and rehearsing ideas, networking with peers, or an early form of publication. As you would expect from Leicester, it’s inclusive and accessible so we look forward to your comments.

Latest posts from the staff blogs

Barbara Cooke

Evening Waugh: Decline and Fall ***NEW DATE***

An illustration from Decline and Fall   The lovely people at Fingerprints have very kindly made their café available to us to start a new evening Waugh Book Group. Join us as we begin at the beginning with Waugh’s first novel, the public school farce Decline and Fall. You can read what other groups have said about the […]

Clare Anderson

Thinking About Convict Objects, in French Guiana

In the Musée Départemental Alexandre Franconie in Cayenne there is a room dedicated to the history of the French colonial bagne (prison). Among the displays of artwork copied from the paintings of the well-known convict artist Francis Lagrange are a handful of objects made by convict craftsmen. One is by Lagrange himself, a small and […]

Alberto Fernández Carbajal

BBC Radio Leicester: Alberto Fernández Carbajal and Samar Habib interview

On the morning of 25 November 2015, I headed out to the BBC Radio Leicester studio for an interview with Ed Stagg, who hosted me and Dr Samar Habib across the airwaves. He asked us about the context for my research project Queer Diasporas: Islam, Homosexuality and a Micropolitics of Dissent, about the use of […]

Bullying and Discrimination accounts for 37% additional NHS mental health worker sick-leave

Professor of Management at the School, Stephen Wood, presents some of the findings – and methodology – from the National Survey of Staff Morale amongst Mental Health Staff 2013’s Francis report on the failings in the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust highlighted bullying as one part of the problem. While the effects of bullying upon an individual’s […]

Natalie Armstrong

Feasibility of using the Patient Activation Measure in the NHS

Introduction: The challenge of person-centred care Over recent years the push for the NHS to become more person-centred has been mounting, with increasing attention paid both to the importance of patients’ experiences of care and supporting them to manage their own health. This emphasis is made clear in the vision laid out in the NHS […]

Shane McCorristine: Dismemberment in Prehistory – Not Just for the Criminally Insane

For as long as humans have been around we have cut up, hacked, butchered, and mutilated corpses. Today, the practice is mostly associated with serial killers and abnormal personalities. So what is it about post-mortem dismemberment that some people find so shocking and horrifying? This might be a silly question to ask but it is […]

Andrew Dunn

Women will take 118 years to achieve equality

According to the World Economic Forum Global Gender report which ranks over 140 economies on health, economic, political and education factors. The site has 10 years worth of data so it enables tracking of progress over the last decade. Methodology is provided.  


Stata14 and the future of this blog

I have not posted for the last few weeks, not because I have nothing to say but rather because I have been thinking about the future of this blog. I have had in mind for some time that there is a need to say something about the Bayesian analysis facilities that were introduced in Stata14 and while preparing […]

Marie Muir

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…and practice does too!

Here at the Career Development Service we’re all about preparation but prep can take many forms and it’s important to include include practice as part of this! Whilst you might feel like a bit of an idiot talking to yourself, taking the time to run through how you might verbalise your interview answers is almost […]

Simon Dixon

The University’s History Told in Pictures

By Rebecca Couchman-Crook, Archives Assistant The photograph collection from the University of Leicester’s history is now more accessible than ever before! You can view them from the comfort of your sofa by simply visiting Special Collections Online and scrolling down to The University of Leicester Archives. In a move to make our collections easier to find and reach a wider […]

Norman Housley

The Maid of Orleans and Crusading

The Maid of Orleans and Crusading:   reflections on a colloquium La France et l’Orient au temps de Jeanne d’Arc. Idéaux pacifiques et réalités guerrières, Rouen, 29 May 2015 Meeting in the splendid surroundings of the Salle des États in Rouen’s recently opened ‘Historial Jeanne d’Arc’, the speakers at this colloquium gave their attention to a […]

Anna Charalambidou

Our book ‘Authentic Recipes from Around the World’ is out

Our much-anticipated book, entitled ‘Authentic Recipes from Around the World’ (HAT Events, 2015), written by the investigators of the project (Emma-Jayne Abbots, Anna Charalambidou, Elaine Forde, Ana Martins, Hazel Thomas, Deborah Toner) and a number of collaborators and external partners has been published! This general audience book is the outcome of the AHRC project “Consuming […]

Grant Denkinson

RDM Principles: Research inception and planning

More thoughts about the University of Leicester Research Data Management Principles. Research inception and planning 2. Data management planning is an integral, essential and dynamic component of the research process from inception and should include provision for the selective long term custodianship of research data. 3. Research proposals should include all possible recovery of direct […]

Martin Coffey

Beginning with the end in mind

Another academic year has begun and for those doing research degrees, there will be significant stages to be faced in their PhD journey. Probation, writing up, final submission, viva etc… Whilst this might seem a good opportunity to prattle on about the benefits of thinking ahead to career options, instead I am reminded of the […]

Melissa: Novel by Jonathan Taylor Now Published

Very happy to announce that my second novel, Melissa, has now been published by Salt Publishing. The novel is inspired by true events. Immediately following the tragic death of a young girl on a small street in Stoke-on-Trent, all her neighbours experience the same musical hallucination. This is the story of that strange hallucination, and […]

Stephen Walker

Student Perceptions of ‘useful’ Digital Technology

“Now, what I want is, Facts….Facts alone are wanted in life” (Mr Gradgrind) A recent Australian study by Henderson, Selwyn and Aston (2015) found that students use digital technologies to support the logistical aspects of their learning : time-saving; finding out about and fulfilling course requirements; mobile and remote access; researching information; getting organised. Where students […]

Marie Muir

Waffle…not the good kind!

You are in an interview, you are nervous, there are three interviewers and they are all staring at you in suspense. One of them is asking you a question, but your too busy trying to conceal your nerves so you hear ‘Tell me about…experience….school…team?” You launch off in to an answer about your netball teams’ […]

Janet Marstine

My visit to the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Whilst doing research in September in Hong Kong and Guangdong, I had the good fortune to visit the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA), an institution of 5000 emerging artists from which a good number of our students come. Whilst there I met the Director of the GAFA Art Museum, Professor Hu Bin, who told […]

Oliver Brett

Ghirri Research Project 2013-2015 – BSR Conference 2013 – Elena Re – ‘Il progetto nell’opera di Luigi Ghirri.’

Prize-winning poster!

We are delighted to announce that our project has just won the poster prize at the Society for Legal Scholars conference in York, which was attended by our project leader, Dr. Dawn Watkins. The poster, “Adventures with Lex… The Story So Far”, gives an overview of our project, a summary of the data collection, and […]

Sarah Hodgkinson

Countdown to the ‘Reflections on Revenge Conference’, University of Leicester, 4th September 2015

Just a few weeks to go now until our innovative new interdisciplinary conference. We have an exciting line up of speakers including a keynote address from leading international human rights lawyer Philippe Sands. Please see our latest press release for more information, and the finalised programme will be released very soon. Booking for delegates is […]

Philip Shaw

Witnesses, wives, politicians, soldiers: the women of Waterloo

Witnesses, wives, politicians, soldiers: the women of Waterloo By Katherine Astbury Associate Professor and Reader of French at University of Warwick Visit The Last Stand: Napoleon’s 100 Days in 100 Objects: The nature of warfare 200 years ago made the Battle of Waterloo a predominantly male affair. But, two centuries on, the history of […]

Ana Verissimo

Takeaway Tuesdays are back!

To improve our working lives and promote informal and relaxed interaction between all staff and students, we have introduced Takeaway Tuesdays at RKCSB. Once a month, we choose what takeaway to order and we all get together for lunch at the newly refurbished seminar room. Everyone from the department is welcome to join us, and […]

Maria Rovisco

Workshop Arts and Citizenship, 3 June 2015, University of Leicester

This is a public workshop and all are welcome to attend.   Workshop Arts and Citizenship, 3 June 2015 Venue: Department of Media and Communication, Bankfield House, 132 New Walk (Lecture Theatre) This event is sponsored by the Department of Media and Communication and the College of Social Science at the University of Leicester. The workshop […]

Kerry Dobbins

Creating an effective e-learning resource: some helpful tips for a challenging process

One of my initial tasks when I started on the ‘Learning Outcomes Project’ was to develop an online resource that aimed to improve students use of their learning outcomes.  My brief was as general as that, however, I knew that we wanted a resource that students would find useful as a learning support and would help them to […]

Paul Boyle

Student experience at Leicester

In this video blog, I discuss the strengths of the student experience we offer here at Leicester. Having met with a number of students since I arrived, I am extremely proud of the experience we provide to our students and the reputation we have for student satisfaction. Of course, there is always room for improvement […]

Laura Dean

Congratulations to Mindhacks has won the British Psychological Society’s Public Engagement and Media Award.  Whilst this site aims to increase engagement with academic research by ordinary members of the public, it is also a useful and interesting resource for psychologists in training too.

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