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January is rubbish. It’s cold, wet and dark and your holiday is over. You are back, revising hard for your exams and assignment deadlines are coming in thick and fast, so how do you motivate yourself to get back on the job/internship search.

Ten members of the Career Development Service Team tell you how;

“Plan something to look forward to at the end of January to give you a light at the end of the tunnel” Ian Walker, Curriculum Employability Manager

“Make a timetable and prioritise time for revising, down time and job searching” Anna Graves, Curriculum Project Officer

“Spend time with other people – revision groups, social time – just make sure you get out and remind yourself that you aren’t the only one in this position” Deborah Fish, Intern

“Think about your long term aspiration – remind yourself why it’s important to you and take small steps in the right direction” Gosia Juchniewicz, Internships Project Officer

“Buy yourself little treats that will make your revision/job search more enjoyable” Beccy Smyth, Curriculum Project Coordinator

“Make one change at a time – don’t try to do everything all at once” Will Freestone, Employer Relationships Coordinator

“Take some time out and focus on things that you enjoy – sports, spending time with friends – balance is really important.” Elizabeth Cornish, Project Manager: Leicester Award

“Drink lots of tea – it always helps” Jack Carling, Volunteer Project Coordinator

“Be positive – rather than write a ‘To-Do’ list, write an ‘achievement’ list – it makes you realise how much you are getting done!” Marie Muir, Project Manager: Communication and Events

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”. Ralph Marston

So Ralph doesn’t work with us – but it’s a great quote!

If you are still struggling to kick start your January – come and see us – we can help you to focus your search in a guidance appointment!

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