8 responses to “Book Group: Decline and Fall”

  1. Amy

    I’m glad you’ve included the illustrations here Barbara, because I completely forgot at book group to mention how much I’d enjoyed them!

  2. Ian Truslove

    Decline and Fall is not one of my favourite Waugh novels, but the discussion within the book group opened up a number of points I hadn’t considered.
    We’re taking a huge leap at the next meeting, February had us “enjoying” his first novel, March provides us with his last…

    Who needs chronology?

  3. Elizabeth-Anne

    Lovely to meet you all and discuss so many topics! All this and cake too.

  4. rick allen

    Sorry to ask such a crass question, but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere on these webpages.

    Do you know when the new Decline and Fall is going to be published and available for sale, and what its price will be?

    I ask because I need a new copy of Decline and Fall, and though I’d like to start collecting at least some of the new Complete Works series, and replace some of my old, crumbling Little, Brown editions, if Oxford University Press is going to be asking hundreds of dollars per volume, as it has with some of its other “Complete Works” series, there’s no sense waiting for volumes I won’t be able to afford.


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