Opportunity: Telespazio Technology Contest

Students (graduated and non-graduated), PhDs and Researchers at the University of Leicester are invited to participate to the #T-TeC (Telespazio Technology Contest).

This initiative is promoted by Telespazio to enhance university research activities within a well-established “Open Innovation” process. This process is part of the “Idea Factory” of Leonardo S.p.A. The contest aimed at all students, PhD students and researchers from university departments who collaborate or are willing to collaborate with Telespazio on innovative technological themes in the Space Engineering, Satellite Navigation, Satellite Telecommunications and Earth Observation sectors.

#T-TeC is a unique opportunity since it offers to competitors the opportunity to present some of their cutting-edge research at the Telespazio innovation table, contributing to enhance its high scientific-technological content. It is also an opportunity for students, graduates and non-graduates, to acquire professional growth and visibility for future collaborations. Competition winners will be awarded a € 10,000 prize.

It will be possible to participate individually or in groups and it will also be possible to start collaborations between departments of different universities and nations and with different skills. More details, application form and contest rules can be found here. Deadline is 31st October 2020.

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