AstroSeminar: Prof. Isobel Hook, “Cosmology with supernovae: past, present and future”

This week the department seminar will be delivered by Prof. Isobel Hook (Lancaster), at usual time (3.00 pm) on Teams. Please find below title and abstract of her talk. If you did not receive the Teams invitation email please send me an email (er198[at]

Title: Cosmology with supernovae: past, present and future


In this talk I will give an overview of the use of Type Ia supernovaein cosmology. I will briefly describe the work that led to the 1998 discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe, and some ofthe major surveys that have been carried out since then to betterunderstand the cause of the acceleration. I will then describe currentefforts to find and study large samples of supernovae at the highestredshifts observable with current telescopes, at z>1. Finally, I will discuss the exciting prospects and challenges for supernova cosmologywith upcoming facilities including the Rubin Observatory (LSST),4MOST, Euclid and the Extremely Large Telescope that is currentlyunder construction by ESO.

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