A history of computing in 5 minutes… and 38 seconds

Partial drawing of Alan Turing

I thought that I would share this excellent short video which covers the history of computing in less than six minutes – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9LK6EtxzgM.


As a communications device it is very impressive – this style of using drawing is something I’ve seen before within Jisc projects (I think the University of Leeds produced one) and I wanted to use it within my own project work (time and the ability to draw were hindrances).  I couldn’t not watch it to the end.


The voice also helps – if only we could all use Mr Fry.


This follows my previous posts with a thought about how this for example contrasts with, but would also complement, what in this example would be a text history.


The actual message is of course also an interesting one, pushing IT as a utility, cloud services being the current result.  It does raise questions – can/should organisations do things in-house, are they capable, how can they plan and resource for unknown future demands, what risks and costs does buying in services involve etc.  The future of research data storage and archiving drops into this series of questions.


By the way, the video was produced by a commercial organisation but, non-intrusively, this is only apparent in the last few seconds.  I have no relationship with the company at all and am not promoting their services.

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