Because good research needs good data” is the tagline of the Digital Curation Centre, whilst here at Leicester we have adopted the question “What would you do if you lost your research data tomorrow?

Whilst the term “Research Data Management” may be somewhat dry and off putting, the issues which it is concerned with are of general interest to all researchers – it’s about the stuff you find or generate when you do research, and what you do with it.

Recently a range of (existing and developing) research data and IT issues have been corralled within the “Research Data Management” (RDM) field with Universities developing specific data and IT services to support research.  Jisc has funded the “Managing Research Data” programme across the UK and locally an RDM focussed “Transformations” project.

At Leicester RDM is now a responsibility of the Research Computing Management Group and involves people from all Colleges, IT Services, Library, Research Support Office and Academic Practice Unit (www.le.ac.uk/researchdata).

This blog is a place for thoughts, discussion, questions and news which are in any way related to research data and research IT.

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