PlanetarySeminar: Magnetosphere-ionosphere Coupling at Saturn and Jupiter

Dr. Gabby Provan, a planetary researcher in the School of Physics and Astronomy, joined the MIST team (Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial) to discuss the latest findings from Jupiter and Saturn. Abstract: The gas giants Jupiter and Saturn are both rapid rotators, with active volcanic moons and complicated ring systems. Their magnetospheres are driven both by […]

Fellowship Opportunities in Leicester Physics and Astronomy

The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester welcomes applicants for the STFC Ernest Rutherford and Royal Society University Research Fellowship schemes. We welcome enquires from internal and external candidates to join our research team in the School of Physics and Astronomy in 2020! STFC Ernest Rutherford STFC apply a quota system […]

Three-Minute Wonder Competition

Three-Minute Wonder Competition

Leicester physicists are involved in 3 Minute Wonder competition. Three Minute Wonder is a UK and Ireland-wide science communication competition that engages the public with researchers being challenged to explain their work in just three minutes. Those taking part work in physics or physics-related fields in academia and industry. The competition is made up of […]

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