SUREFest – Final Internship Presentations

This summer, the School of Physics and Astronomy has hosted 11 interns working as part of the SURE (summer undergraduate research experience) programme. 

The SURE programme provides paid opportunities for talented undergraduates to get a flavour of the cutting-edge research being undertaken within the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Our students will be presenting their research findings during hybrid meetings on Tuesday August 30th  and Wednesday August 31st, 09:30-12:30.  These will be hosted on Teams, and delivered in person in Lecture Theatre D. 

The full programme is still being assembled and will be advertised in late August – we will try to group similar research themes together.  Presentations will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes for Q&A, and all are welcome to attend.


  1. Niamh Topping: “Electron microscope analyses of the nakhlite Martian meteorites” (Supervisor: John Bridges)
  2. Samuel Carter: “Radio Bursts at Mars” (Supervisor: Beatriz Sanchez-Cano)
  3. Jazmin Stewart: “Wavelength Shifting Materials to Improve Photon Detection Efficiency” (Supervisor: Steve Leach)
  4. Connor Keany: “Title TBD” (Supervisor: John Bridges)
  5. Thomas Morland-Nuttall: “5G Attenuation by Ocean Waves,” (Supervisor: ASTMobile, Sriram Jayasimha)
  6. Nathaniel McCabe: “Title TBD” (Supervisor: Neil Humpage)
  7. Mark Sharman: “Title TBD” (Supervisors: Simon Lindsay & Adrian Martindale)
  8. Samuel Tosh: “Title TBD” (Supervisor: Gavin Lamb)
  9. Casey Hryshchuk: “Title TBD” (Supervisor: Chris Nixon )
  10. Peter Gorringe: “Fallback Variability from Tidal Disruptions of Stars by Supermassive Black Holes” (Supervisor: Chris Nixon )
  11. Charlotte Paton: “Title TBD” (Supervisor: John Remedios, Darren Ghent)

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