Astrophysics Seminar 8th June 3pm on Teams – Laura Rogers on White Dwarf planetary systems.

Laura Rogers (Cambridge) will present remotely via Teams, and be projected in LTA.

Title and abstract:

An observational perspective on white dwarf planetary systems

Around a third of white dwarfs are externally polluted by planetary material. It is hypothesised that chunks of planetary material get perturbed onto star grazing orbits, tidally disrupt, and accrete onto the white dwarfs’ atmosphere. I will give an observational perspective on these enigmatic polluted white dwarf systems. How does this exoplanetary ​material ultimately end up in the atmosphere of these white dwarfs? What is the composition of the planetary material that has polluted the white dwarfs? What can this composition tell us about exoplanetary material and geological processes in exoplanetary systems?

Laura has said she’ll be happy to hang back after the talk to meet with the graduate students.

Teams link:

There are two further seminars scheduled for this term – Can Cui on 15th June and Vincent van Eylen on 22nd June.

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