Person-Job Fit: Some Questions

So the media appears to be full of stories about Donald J Trump these days, and how he has started in his new job. I find myself thinking, suppose this was another person in a more regular role (read less high profile – which is a majority of jobs I am sure you will agree). Let’s call our imaginary new job holder Alex Bloggs (I hope you like the gender neutral name, my time designing Assessment Centre exercises was not wasted). I wonder:
1. Would Alex feel able to challenge the status quo in the way Donald J has done?
2. If Alex did challenge the status quo, what would happen?
3. How would tweeting about all and sundry be viewed by Alex’s managers?
4. How would criticising Alex’s daughters former clients go down?
5. What would happen if online evidence was found of Alex making comments about aggressing against members of the opposite sex?
6. How would Alex’s employers feel about the presentation of “alternative facts”?

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