Do we really get what we pay for?

Donald Trump and Brexit have both been capturing the headlines of late. In a democratic process the USA voted for Trump as President and the UK decided to leave the European Union. However, after the respective votes there appears to be much dissent about the outcomes of the vote.
In career terms we sometimes take a decision and live to regret it. Maybe pursue, get and accept a job but then realise that it is not quite what we want. Whether the person feels the job was misrepresented to them or it has not turned out the way they expected is almost irrelevant in comparison to the consequence of their being a poor fit between the person and the job.
The consequences for both the individual and the employing organisation can be both deep and far-reaching. Without wishing to appear flippant one way to minimise the risk of this happening is to ensure that before we apply for a job we research the opportunity thoroughly. When evaluating a job opportunity you might wish to ask yourself some questions such as:
• Why am I interested in this job?
• Am I motivated by a desire to move towards the job, or is my primary motivation moving away from something (e.g. my current job)?
• Do I know why the previous incumbent left the job?
• What do I know about the employing organisations?
• Do I know anyone who worked for the organisations, who might be able to give me some useful insights?
• What is the staff turnover rate in the setting I would be working in?
And finally… it is worth remembering that a recruitment and selection process, including the interview(s) is supposed to be a two-way process. It is worth taking careful note of the impressions you get during this process and taking opportunities, e.g. before applying and at the interview, to ask questions that are important to you.

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