Burrough Hill Excavations Week 2!!

Welcome to the Burrough Hill Blog.

This page has been set up to give you information on the excavations from the point of view of the students.

To view the full website for the project please visit http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/archaeology/research/projects/burrough-hill

(If any of the students who I am quoting are reading this, I apologise in advance for any mistakes made regarding the spelling of your names…..)


Week 2

Max Kearney  “I was moved from Trench 9 to Trench 8 and enjoyed the switch as it gave me a different view on the site and the Iron Age. I began excavating a large pit and used a mattock”


Shauying Li  “I cleaned up the small stones and spoil on the surface and I found some animal bones and pottery. Cleaning is a little boring but we still had fun!”

Rowan Meades  “For a few hours we concentrated on cleaning the Roman wall to reveal foundations, it was a long process but we found a few bits of pottery. Later in the day we cleaned the various finds.”


Benjamin Diver “When we arrived at the trench we found that after  heavy rain the night before, the loose in our trench was thick and clayey. In order to clean our feature we had to get on our knees and use our trowels which was quite the messy challenge! The rest of the morning involved finishing paperwork. I enjoyed it all.”

Anna Bulder  “Katie and I continued on our ditch, cleaning it and making the edges nicer. It took a while to find the base but it was nice work!”


Jonny Farrell “I found the base of my small pit and managed to clean it after a long time. Learning to take levels was interesting.”

Harry Shankar  “I found the edges of my ditch and excavated down to a metre or so. It was tiring but more exciting than I expected!”


Chris Diez  “I can see a clear context layer within my pit which is possibly a clay lining for a kiln. Very interesting.”

Week 3

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