Burrough Hill Excavations Week 3!!

Welcome to the Burrough Hill Blog.

This page has been set up to give you information on the excavations from the point of view of the students.

To view the full website for the project please visit http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/archaeology/research/projects/burrough-hill

(If any of the students who I am quoting are reading this, I apologise in advance for any mistakes made regarding the spelling of your names…..)


Week 3


Giulia Chakkalakel   “I was assigned a pit to dig which was located just outside of the roundhouse in Trench 8. Half of the pit had already been excavated and a large piece of a ‘beehive’ quernstone had been found. The upper layers were full of stones and a few animal bones, while the lower fill was extremely exciting to excavate as it provided a great number of ‘small finds’. I had the pleasure to find two intact loom weights and several fragments of possibly four more! I also found a lot more fragments of the quernstone that was found in the other half of the pit. The deposit was also rich with fired clay and decorated pottery. Excavating this pit has been very useful for my archaeological knowledge, since now I feel I know by heart how to record a ‘small find’, how to take levels and my ability to distinguish between different materials and layers has definitely improved.”


Doug Anderson  “I excavated a gully and a pit in Trench 9, the finds included numerous bones, scored ware pottery and a bone needle. As it was my first UK dig, I gained  considerable appreciation of hillforts and overall conditions of archaeology in Britain.”

Robert Pearce  “What a fun week!! I excavated two sections in a roundhouse gully which could have been part of a few different buildings. I enjoyed meeting loads of nice people and nice weather (until Friday) Here’s to two more weeks!”


Mark Davison  “This week I spent my time working on one feature. It is a very large pit which we put a section through, mostly this consisited of moving loose dirt and rather large stones. This became quite difficult as the pit got deeper! We found a few ‘small finds’ including a bone toggle, but mostly animal bones and a few pieces of scored ware pottery. we also found one sherd of Late Iron Age transitional pottery!”

Jaclyn Bradley  ” Had a fantabulous week!! Excavation was great, we had a huge pit full of animal bone. The best part was the giant ‘saddle’ quern, which we had hoped was a grave stone (of Boudicca). I hope to come back next year for another week!”


Nathan Twigg  “Great week, well enjoyed and could not wish for more. Excavated part of a roundhouse foundation and a internal feature. Happy days, great times and would love to return.”

Week 4

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