Burrough Hill Excavations Week 1!!

Welcome to the Burrough Hill Blog.

This page has been set up to give you information on the excavations from the point of view of the students.

To view the full website for the project please visit http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/archaeology/research/projects/burrough-hill

(If any of the students who I am quoting are reading this, I apologise in advance for any mistakes made regarding the spelling of your names…..)


Week 1


Amy Hetherston: “I have started to dig a storage pit. It looks like it is going to be rather big and deep judging by the size of the rocks within it. I have found bones, snail shells and evidence of burning.”


Bryce Kane: “I have been digging out a slot in the terminus of the large C shaped feature. Working with a partner was great and it was my first time using a mattock!  We found plenty of animal bones and some charcoal, the first deposit seems to have been a rubbish tip.”



Ellie Hare: “I helped dig the wheelbarrow run, cleaned up the trench (painful on the knees). I was then moved onto one of the pits which was cool and then I learned about how to take levels.”IMG_0061

Les Law: “I cleaned up the loose soil from the trench then started on one of the pits where animal bone and pottery had been found.”



Rob Cullum: “Today I found a piece of Iron Age pottery, an animal jaw and a vertebrae but was unsure what animal this belonged to. I was digging within the roundhouse.”DSCN0370

Yvonne O’Dell: ” Today I continued unearthing the Bronze Age pottery I had found in my pit. For my first ever excavation it was a pretty brilliant find!”



Bethan Boulter: “I was cleaning my pit when I realised that all the rubble within could possibly be deliberate which was quite exciting! It then rained, which was not as exciting but still fun.”DSCN2335

James Fisher: “I spent the day digging out a large pit, I found a large variety of artifacts ranging from animal bone, pottery and a large quern stone that has been deliberately broken. Most interestingly, I am starting to develop an idea of what is going on in terms of food.”



Week 2


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