Astronomy seminar – Wed 9th June 3pm

Dr Rebeca Garcia Lopez (UCD) The inner regions of protoplanetary disks: an interferometric view. Find the link to the Teams connection in Astrophysics Group>Seminars. Abstract: A first step towards understanding planetary formation is the characterisation of the structure and evolution of protoplanetary discs.  Although the large scale disc is understood in some detail, very little […]

Astrophysics Seminar – 17th Feb 3pm. JJ Hermes: White dwarf variability as seen from space

Please find a teams link in the Astrophysics Group > Seminars area. Abstract: White dwarfs have been used as flux standards for decades, thanks to their staid simplicity. These endpoints of all low- and intermediate-mass stars are used as absolute calibrators for a range of science, including precision cosmology. In the era of space missions […]

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