Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Like many people I see the value in the current emphasis on Wellbeing at Work. Like a smaller number of cynical people, I believe the fad will pass. When it does I, like some others, will still be advocating the Wellbeing at Work concept whilst others will have moved on to the next fad; probably whatever they think will enhance their career (possibly by virtue of some other form of virtue signalling).

So today I came to work wearing an inappropriate yellow (truth be told closer to orange) sweater. Why? Because it is World Mental Health day, and apparently wearing yellow is a symbol of solidarity.

In a (anti)social media fuelled age where the moment appears to always outweigh the past, the future or consistency it behoves us all to consider what our values are. If wellbeing at work is something that really matters to us then surely we should support that cause, and not just flit to the next opportunity for self-aggrandisement. As an example, supporting the mental wellbeing of our colleagues is always a worthwhile choice to make, because some others may not have a choice about their mental wellbeing.

So, whilst wearing a yellow ribbon or sweater may seem a small thing, it is important that we demonstrate our solidarity with those that may be silently struggling to get through their working day. One day that struggling person may be ourselves.

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