4 responses to “Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum – a look back…”

  1. Andrew Wood

    Loved the course. It is perhaps not so much about what we argued, or whether we changed our minds (or anyone else’s), as it is about what we have come away with – and for me that is a deeper and more layered appreciation of the context in which museums are finding and re-finding their way in the Twenty-first Century. Thank you.

  2. Christian Camus Alcasid

    glad to have signed up for this… at first, i told myself, what have i gotten into because as weeks passed, it gets more interesting and really time consuming. each participant has his/her own idea and we cannot avoid discussions and ‘arguments’. but putting all these ideas, conflicting or non-conflicting, we get to learn new things and it becomes constructive opening our eyes to the huge role museums play in people’s lives, not just enriching knowledge but their role in the society. i really hope there will be more MOOCs to come. thank you.

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