The Characteristics of a Leader: Early America and Ancient Rome

Leadership is in the moment. Building the momentum and trust of a followership depends on everything else going on in the lives of followers. It is influenced by the culture around them. The leader’s characteristics must fit local expectations of leaders, but exceptional leaders rewrite these expectations.   I’m moving to Boston next month and […]

Social movements and the next phase of healthcare improvement: The View from 2004

What do NHS leaders do when they want to start a grass roots movement? Well, according to Bate, Robert and Bevan, they get 15 policy makers together and hold a colloquium. These authors reported the outcomes of this colloquium in “The next phase of healthcare improvement: what can we learn from social movements?”   This […]

Patient Time

  It has been quiet up here for the last few weeks. We’ve been occupied by essays and e-learning for the Mary Seacole Programme and the Postgraduate Certificate. It has been really productive and promises to generate some exciting posts over the coming weeks. But time has been an issue.   Time is an issue […]

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