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Mars Sample Return is Underway with Mars2020 Launch

Mars Sample Return is Underway with Mars2020 Launch

With the successful launch of Mars2020 from Cape Canaveral today the first stage in a long and complex sample return plan is finally underway. Mars Sample Return has been envisaged  for many decades but it is only since around 2008 that a feasible architecture has been developed. Mars Sample Return has the ultimate aim of […]

Climbing Mt. Sharp from the ancient lake deposits at the the base, to more desiccated, sulphate-rich deposits higher up the mountain.

Climbing Mount Sharp: From Warm and Wet to Cold and Dry.

  Mars Science Laboratory is entering a new extended mission phase and about to start addressing a key part of the MSL original scientific aims.  Gale Crater was chosen as a landing site for the Curiosity Rover because it has preserved a unique record of the transition from ‘Warm and Wet’ in Ancient Mars about […]

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