One response to “Student life in the 1980s: what can we learn from Students’ Union handbooks?”

  1. Sara Baldwin-Cole

    Love reading this as I was involved in Ripple, the Women’s Group, I was sports President , I went to Greenham several times and supported the miners fundraising events…although the reality of inviting miners to a gig was a huge shock to the cosseted middle class semi socialist students we all were to what hard core working ( or in that case not working) class miners were really like… fights wife beating and excessive alcohol consumption was a bit scary… and tge police got involved.
    But thank you for saying we trail blazed…we did. Students today have nothing to challenge…they need to live in the squalid houses we did, be lonely ( no mobiles) and learn to budget in order to eat ( and socialise). I was Sara Cole I graduated 1985.

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