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So, I am aware that the summer is nearly over and soon it will be the start of another University year. Seems reasonable to reflect on work-life balance. There is a whole area of Occupational research on work-life balance. Some people have built a portion of their academic career on it. However, the question remains, what is it?
If we spend most of our week doing our work, then surely that should be a positive experience. Surely, life is too short to spend a significant proportion of it doing something we do not enjoy?
There is a whole line of argument if you are doing the right job for you, then far from being “work”, it should actually be a part of your life. It should not feel like work or any other form of extra effort. So how do you find a job like that?
This is where the 5-step model for career planning comes into its own.
1. Build self-awareness, so you know what your goals, motivations and strengths are;
2. Develop your opportunity awareness;
3. Then you are well placed to make;
4. This positions you to take effect action.
5. It is always worth building your understanding of how you cope with transition, in order to manage your movement to your new life circumstances.

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